Bond McKenzie

Bond McKenzie London, UK
Aug 11, 2018
A leading global Investment Management organisation, with a market leading Financial Technology unit, are searching for a Senior Python Developer (VP), to create and build a suite of greenfield tactical applications and introduce Python to the existing technology stack. This exciting and attractive new permanent VP level Senior Python Developer role, is an important position, with responsibility for leading the initiative to create new and build upon the existing suite of applications, updating and re-engineering Excel, VBA and MatLab models and building out greenfield applications in Python. This includes:- • the full-development life-cycle, • mentoring and guiding business users. • formalising the build, release and deployment process of Python applications. The hiring Director has provided the following brief on his ideal candidate, so if you tick some or all of these boxes, apply now to be considered for an interview in the next week or so:- Experience working on, and preferably building and organising larger enterprise and multi-developer python projects Passionate about technology, taking a software engineering approach, curious and knowledgeable about what python can do - and how it does it (under the hood) Knowledge of Python Standard Library - exceptions, logging, arguments, iterators, list comprehensions, generators, decorators, context managers Experience how (and why) to structure and organise code - modules, packages Unit tests and debugging - ideally with a TDD background How to choose food source control, testing frameworks and continuous integration platforms Knows how to set up python environment, package management & virtual environments Experience of OO design and development and understanding classes in python - use of abc package a bonus Familiarity with numerical packages pandas/numpy - and know why these are good Confidence and experience to peer review other developers code Able to guide quant developers and modellers (non-software engineers) to write structured code adhering to agreed standards and style. Apply now! Don't miss out on this one.