HR GO Recruitment

HR GO Recruitment Unit 3F Falcon Way, Feltham, Middlesex TW14 0UQ, Feltham TW14 0RX, UK
Dec 08, 2018
Function/ Responsibility The primary function of the position is to ensure that the Regional sales budget is met or exceeded as a collective total, and that all individual sales personnel achieve or surpass their own sales targets (equivalent to 2x their all up costs) The direct administration, development, support and management of this group is the responsibility of the regional sales manager together with the requirement that all reports, calendar events and other administrative functions are authorised and logged within the group CRM system - Concerto The selection and proposal for recruitment and the disciplinary and termination process for this team will primarily be the responsibility of the Head of Field Sales, assisted and directed by the HR Director and Head of Front Office only as necessary. The team will consist of all General and Branch sales personnel based in the UK. It is the responsibility of Head Of Field Sales to monitor their progress against target, ensure that they are realistic and achievable pipelines in prospect, support their development and identify and organise any requirements for training or corrective action. Each sales person should be given regular updates as to the position of their result against target and kept appraised of the overall view of the Regional and National sales team achievements. There should be a regular (every 6-8 weeks) meetings of this group and the Head of Field Sales should support individuals in client visits , use of company marketing material and effective use of time in their day to day activities. Min 5 years expereince - Logistics and Supply Chain. ESSENTIAL!